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How Useless is Uber Customer Support

Posted by johnhighway on July 14, 2016

Do you ever get the feeling that when you're talking to customer support, you get nothing intelligent in the response other than a cut-n-paste answer from a knowledge database based on a few key words you wrote in your request for assistance. That's how I felt when I asked Uber customer support for details on their new Upfront Fares for riders.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 12.08.40 PM.png

What upfront fares mean for you

We’re rolling out upfront fares in the Washington, DC area, where riders will see the final trip fare before they request a ride.

Riders use Uber more—especially at peak times—if they know the cost of the trip in advance, and more riders means more business for you. You also will no longer have to wait for riders to tell you where they’re going, since they will select their destination in advance of the trip.

You’ll be paid the same way as before: by the time and distance of each trip, minus the service fee and any other applicable fees. There’s no change to surge either: you’ll still see the heat map in the Partner App with recommendations on where you’re most likely to get your next ride.


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Stranger Danger: Strange Call-Back Numbers

Posted by johnhighway on December 17, 2015

As described by the TechCrunch article titled "PSA: Missed Call From A Mystery Number? Be Careful", it advises against answering/calling back numbers that you don't recognize.

The trick? They only let the call ring once before it automatically hangs up. One ring is enough for the number to show up on your missed call screen, but just short enough that you’re not likely to answer it in time (which keeps the call from fully connecting and thus keeps the scammer from having to front for any long distance fees.)

Well, today, I've gotten 4 calls from similar numbers

  • December 17, 2015 @ 10:53 - 24625504693
  • December 17, 2015 @ 13:12 - 224625504693
  • December 17, 2015 @ 13:16 - 224664793441

I hope this serves as some record to the numbers that they used.

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Quest: Talk to Bobbi (Miscellaneous)

Posted by johnhighway on November 19, 2015

Fo4bobbidoor.jpgYou'll need to talk to Bobbi in order to start the quest "The Big Dig".

Arriving at the town of GoodNeighbor, I discovered that Bobbi's door was locked and the slide plate on the door was closed. Couldn't talk to Bobbi or pick the lock. I decided to check out the town. Upon arriving at the establishment called "The Third Rail", I encountered the town's leader, Hancock, giving a speech about the evils of the "Institute". You'll need to wait until the entire dialog concludes.

Once that conversation completes, you'll need to walk back over to Bobbi's door and when you approach the door, the slide plate will open and you'll see Bobbi's face through the opening.

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